ROSERS has its roots in a restaurant family that with passion and height has run everything from hotels to restaurants, catering and events for more than 50 years. Now, starting from this stable foundation, we are moving into a new and challenging era. We have enhanced and combined our skills into a concept more explicit and more passionate than ever. The core team consists of four people, but will be adapted to optimal size in the local venue. Bengt Roser is in charge of the core team. He meets you as a customer, listens, leads projects and keeps the overall grip of every event. Benny takes the culinary vision and presentation to new heights; Sofia is the pedant when it comes to finding the absolute best ingredients that exude taste and enchant the eye. Derwas is an unusual logistics prodigy, who directs deliveries and settings, keeps track of every detail and creates a superb schedule that clicks every step of the way. The key is that we all complement each other and are seamlessly interplayed. This means that together we can carry out what we undertake with extremely high quality, efficiency and rarely surpassed creative finesse. It is just as important for us that ten sandwiches turn out superb, as managing to serve 600 portions of cod back, steaming and perfectly plated, in 18 minutes.